Why you have to control the lighting?

  • Maintaining the appropriate lighting level
  • Lower glare values
  • The need for luminaire cooling is reduced and the service life is extended
  • Add up to 70% energy savings
  • Achieving a natural human circadian rhythm
  • Safety

How lighting can be controlled?

  • Using control devices for people-centered lighting control ensures maximum productivity of employees.
  • By using motion sensors to make the lighting work when people are in the room – depending on the object, savings can be up to 80%.
  • Using light sensors to keep the lighting installation at the desired level of illumination – depending on the subject, savings of up to 40%.
  • Using a constant luminous flux maintenance function to ensure the required level of illumination throughout the life of the installation.
  • Dividing luminaires into switching groups to illuminate the part where work is done or people are staying – additional savings potential of around 25%.
  • Using time-based control to prevent lights from burning out when not in use.

What are the best lighting control options?

  • The lighting installation is visualized on a single platform
  • A human-centered lighting plan has been created for the lighting installation
  • The lighting installation is remotely manageable and monitorable
  • The control parameters are digitally manageable – lighting level, sensor settings
  • The switching groups are digitally configurable
  • It is possible to create different scenarios
  • It is possible to create control logics
  • The lighting installation is monitored – detect malfunctioning devices and anomalies
  • All kinds of notifications and alarms can be added as needed
  • Lighting parameters can be logged, stored and analyzed
  • The system can be interfaced with other technical systems and building automation

Human-centered lighting

  • Daily changing lighting temperature
  • Warm tones in the morning and evening, colder tones during the day
  • A person’s natural circadian rhythm is maintained
  • Employees get better quality sleep at night and greater efficiency during the day
  • Allows you to apply for an international Well certificate for the building

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