Construction of solar stations

Description of the construction process

The solar park is divided into four main parts: the base frame, the solar panels, the inverter and the connection between them. After concluding the contract, a building permit is applied for from the local government, the material is ordered and the installation is planned. The construction process of a solar power plant begins with the issuance of a building permit and ends with the issuance of a use permit. The entire construction process must be carried out by qualified personnel. The construction time depends to a large extent on the weather, the size of the plant, the location of the plant and the problems encountered during the construction.

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Delimitation of the construction process
  • Signing a construction contract
  • Ordering material, applying for a building permit
  • Station construction <40 days
  • Electrical work, including inverter connection
  • Interface of the station with building automation
  • Electrical surveying and electrical installation audit
  • Starting the station
  • Testing and monitoring
  • Enforcement documentation and authorization

As the first stage of construction, the panel fasteners will be installed, then the weight stones and only then the panels. The order depends to a large extent on the fasteners chosen. After installing the panels, you can start cabling between the panels and the inverter. We recommend using two different colored cables (red and black) and the cables must be marked with weather-resistant markings. This simplifies connecting cables under the inverter for later maintenance and troubleshooting. It is possible to visually identify faults and damage to cables. Reduces cable connection errors and faulty circuit can be detected/disconnected from the system faster/more easily on the roof.

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After routing the cabling between the panels and the inverter, or if possible at the same time, you can start installing the cable between the inverter and the main panel. To connect the cable to the main switchboard, the protection circuit breaker is installed in the main switchboard, if possible, or a suitably sized intermediate switchboard is built in the immediate vicinity of the main switchboard, from where the cable runs to the main switchboard. To connect the main panel cable, it is necessary to make an interruption, the time of which is agreed with the customer in advance.

When the construction is completed, but before the commissioning of the station, it is necessary to order an electrical measurement for the station and an audit of electrical works for stations over 15 kW. After a positive audit decision, it is possible to enter into an agreement with Elektrilevi to connect the plant to the electricity network. The precondition for concluding a contract and switching on the station is the replacement of the meter previously performed by Elektrilevi. The agreement will enter into force after signing by both parties. Once the station has been switched on and a contract has been concluded, an application for a permit to use can be submitted to the local government.

The complete process of solar station construction

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