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  • Energy audit
  • Resource audit
  • Energy saving solutions audit
  • Drawing up an energy performance certificate
  • Energy audit of a large enterprise
  • Compilation of energy simulations
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Energy saving
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Prepared resource audits


Energy audits of
a large enterprise

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Energy audit of a large enterprise

Audit of energy saving solutions

Energy and resource audit

Stages in preparing an audit

The primary objective of the audit is to map all problem areas of the building complex that need specific solutions that would ensure the proper, optimal and sustainable use of all systems in each area. To this end, a thorough inspection and systems inspection will be carried out. The scope and reach of the audit depends on the needs of the client. Check out audit services in more detail!

The ultimate goal of the audit is to identify savings based on investment plans and mapping with suggestions for improvements and potential technical solutions, together with the necessary investment and financing models. The end result is a document that gives the company a clear overview of all areas, along with a specific investment plan and financing scheme.

To whom are the solutions for?

  • Manufacturing/industry
  • Mining industry
  • Large companies
  • Public sector
  • Commercial real estate

DeltaE Engineering vs. consulting company

Consultation -
1. Standard audit
2. Design ability and experience
3. Preparation of an energy saving solutions audit
4. Experience in installing and implementing technical solutions
5. The most competent and broad-based team
6. Involvement of equipment and performance of basic measurements
7. Possibilities for additional analyzes and measurements
8. Solutions for monitoring and surveillance systems
9. Writing an investment application
10. Hangete läbiviimine ja omaniku järelvalve teenused
11. Monitoring, maintenance and electrical operation
12. Financing solutions

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