Green Key eco-label for tourism companies

Green Key is a voluntary international eco-label for tourism businesses, which has been a leading and valued standard since 1994 recognizing the environmentally sound and sustainable operation of successful tourism businesses.

Companies that meet the Green Key criteria have achieved a high level of environmental protection, which is ensured through the implementation of resource-efficient technical solutions, detailed documentation, and impartial auditing. The Green Key Ecolabel program will contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the tourism sector by 2030.

Meeting the eco-label criteria with DeltaE

The Green Key international eco-label criteria are available and the e-application can be submitted on the SEI Tallinn website or in the indoor environment of

DeltaE Engineering Office offers solutions to meet Green Key’s water and energy ecological criteria. We offer solutions for the following criteria:

Measurement and visualization of energy:

The company measures, registers and analyzes its energy consumption (heat and electricity) on a monthly basis and, if necessary, takes measures to reduce energy consumption.

With the help of DeltaE electricity monitoring solutions, it is possible to identify how electricity consumption is distributed between building parts and technical systems.

The energy consumption of minibars purchased in the last 12 months shall not exceed 1 kWh per day.

DeltaE offers solutions for measuring and analyzing energy consumption. In addition, recommendations are made to reduce energy consumption.

Heating, ventilation, cooling systems

The company has written procedures for the energy use and heating/cooling of empty bedrooms.

The company has set standard temperatures for cooling and heating the rooms.

DeltaE engineers develop energy efficiency projects and find ways to recover waste heat in their facility. We also sell water saving solutions.

Heating and air-conditioning control systems are implemented according to the seasons or when the company’s premises are not in use.

For the analysis of heating systems, DeltaE offers detailed inspection and auditing of the systems. In addition, we monitor and optimize technical systems and compile energy simulations.

Lighting automation

Hallway and corridor lighting shall have at least 75% covered with motion sensors.

Lighting in public indoor areas that is not necessary for security purposes is automatic (e.g. timers, motion sensors).

DeltaE offers detailed inspection and auditing of lighting and construction of automation systems. The payback periods of lighting solutions are usually less than 3 years.

At least 75% of electric lamps are energy efficient (e.g. energy saving or LED lamps).

Exterior lighting is minimal or an automatic shut-off sensor is installed.

By controlling the lighting, energy savings of up to 70% can be achieved. In addition, it is possible to reduce the need for cooling the luminaires and support the circadian rhythm of the employees.

Technical maintenance

The grease filters in the exhaust system are cleaned at least once a year.

The surfaces of the heating or cooling exchanger of the ventilation system are cleaned at least once a year.

The advantage of technical maintenance is a comprehensive overview of the various systems of the building (heating, ventilation, water, technical systems automation, sewerage and electricity system, etc.) by the maintenance provider.

The ventilation system is regularly maintained to ensure energy efficiency at all times.

To reduce the likelihood of system failures occurring or destroying, DeltaE engineers perform regular inspections, checks, cleanups, and troubleshooting of the system.

Water measuring and consumption

The company measures, records and analyzes its water consumption on a monthly basis and, if necessary, takes measures to reduce water consumption.

The amount of water per draw of toilet bowls purchased up to 12 months ago and newly purchased does not exceed six liters (6 l).

Water-saving solutions reduce water consumption by up to 70% without compromising user comfort. The payback time for water saving solutions is fast: from 12 days to a few months.

The company has no dripping taps and leaking toilets.

The amount of water in room showers shall not exceed nine liters (9 l) per minute in 75% of rooms and at least 75% of screens shall not exceed 8 liters per minute (8l/min).

To save water, sink faucets use aerator nozzles that mix the water with the air so that the amount of water is reduced, but the user does not feel it due to the air jet.

Achieve Green Key eco-label goals with the help of DeltaE engineers!

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