Compressed air audit

Compressed air systems can achieve significant energy savings by using modern monitoring and control systems but also by implementing simple solutions.

The purpose of a professional compressed air audit is to map all problem areas of the compressed air system and find all possible solutions. To this end, a detailed inspection is carried out to identify problem areas that go otherwise unnoticed.

The end result of the audit is to present possible solutions to the problems that have arisen and how to deal with lower costs. The results are presented to the company as a document with detailed expense numbers and payback periods.

Professionaalne suruõhu audit

Stages of compiling a compressed air audit

Topics covered by the audit
  • Leaks and evaluation of their elimination
  • Possible changes to the system
  • Compressor heat recovery
  • Pneumatics optimization
  • System-wide energy consumption
  • General overview of the system
  • Compressed air storage
  • Pressure adjustment
  • Route condition
  • Pressure drops

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A compressed air audit is an ideal way to get a detailed overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the system used in the company. In addition, an audit is an ideal way to find out how to approach a system upgrade, we give you the best recommendations to increase productivity or upgrade to a more modern system. With the help of our cooperation partners, we are also able to perform accurate measurement analyzes, as a result of which the most optimal solutions for your company are found.
Potential audit results and next steps
  • Possible upgrades/replacements of the compressor system
  • Leak mapping and elimination
  • Systems reconstruction plans
  • System air quality improvement measures
  • Elimination of air/pressure deficiencies
  • Heat recovery construction
  • Other energy saving measures


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