What is maintenance and its benefits?

Maintenance service – activities and works for physical preservation of the buildings that are part of the immovable, ensuring that the condition of the technical systems located in the buildings complies with the prescribed requirements.

We offer the maintenance of technical systems in buildings as a complex service, the advantage of which is a comprehensive overview of the various systems of the building (heating, ventilation, cooling, water, automation of technical systems, sewerage and electrical systems, etc.) by the maintainer. Ordering all maintenance of technical systems from one company saves money and time.

The maintenance of technical systems and their parts is performed in accordance with the operations and regularity fixed in the EVS 807:2016 standard, the work performed during maintenance is recorded in the maintenance log, which ensures the availability of the necessary information.


Main objectives of maintenance

  • Ensuring the optimal purposeful operation of technical systems and equipment by conducting regular inspections, controls and adjustments.
  • Preventing emergencies and degradation by eliminating minor errors on an ongoing basis.
  • Reduction of the likelihood of significant deficiencies or destruction of systems through regular inspection, checks, cleaning and troubleshooting. Consistent maintenance provides a good overview of the current state of the systems
  • Extend the service life of your equipment through regular maintenance.
  • Avoiding excessive energy consumption.
  • It is of principal importance to ensure the safety of the building from the point of view of both the fire safety of the building and health protection.
  • Creating and maintaining the entire maintenance plan in the relevant software.
  • Consolidation of maintenance activities, problems, solutions into a single software.
  • Budget planning during maintenance.
  • Ensure a comfortable indoor climate for users.
  • To make the operating environment of the building functionally suitable, which in turn increases the comfort and productivity of the employees.
  • Let the end user focus on their core business.
  • Help predict and reduce operating costs and improve the quality of routine maintenance.
  • Advise the client on issues related to the existing building and planned extensions / reconstructions (from design to construction).

Standard problems

  • Ventilation filters are dirty, which means that the fans of the device have to consume significantly more electricity to ensure airflow volumes.
  • The ventilation units are dirty inside, so they must be cleaned inside; if the outside air valve does not close completely when the unit stops, the water heater may freeze. If the outside air valve does not open completely, the air flow will decrease.
  • Heating and / or cooling heaters are leaking.
  • Condensate drainage problems with a plate heat exchanger unit.
  • Ventilation ducts are dirty inside.
  • People complain about lack of air (fire dampers are closed).
  • A possible reason for the reduced regeneration rate may be that the rotor speed is too low as the drive belt slips.
  • The heat exchanger does not work, which is probably due to a broken heat exchanger belt.
  • The surfaces of the electric heater ribs must be clean, otherwise the electric heating rods may deform when they overheat, or the fasteners become weak, which causes uneven air heating.
  • The fan V-belts slip, which can cause less fan air. Another reason may be the layer of dust that has accumulated on the impeller blades.
  • Overheated electric heating rods may deform or their attachments may become loose and cause uneven air heating.
  • Heat exchangers in the heating unit are clogged, valves / sensors are leaking.
  • The condensate pump does not work.
  • Low compressor oil level.
  • Low water pressure from taps, clogged pipes / filters, incorrectly dimensioned pipe sizes.
  • Excessive water pressure, hydraulic shocks.
  • Leaks in pipelines.

Maintenance structure

  • Assessment of the current situation of technical systems and mapping of errors
  • Preparation of a maintenance plan taking into account the special wishes of the client
  • Standard maintenance procedures
  • Fault and accident response
  • Evaluation of the performance of technical systems and continuous submission of proposals for improvement
  • Submitting an investment plan to the client once a year

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