Electricity consumption monitoring

Electricity consumption monitoring is the collection of data through portable monitoring devices to determine how electricity consumption is distributed between building components and utility systems. The result of the monitoring is an analysis based on which to optimize the operation of technical systems and manage the electricity consumption of the building.

Advantages of monitoring

  • The equipment is installed by a professional team.
  • The devices can be installed under voltage.
  • It is not necessary to disassemble the installation.
  • Consumption data are collected on an hourly basis over a period of one month.
  • Based on the data, an analysis, measures and recommendations for reducing energy consumption are prepared.
  • DeltaE implements the proposed solutions, if appropriate.
Elektrikulu monitoorimine

Medium projects

  • 5-25 measuring points.
  • 30-90%  of total consumption can be mapped..
  • The payback period of the analysis is less than 1 year.
  • Identified savings potential of 3000 – 40000 €.
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