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DeltaE Engineering Office offers complete energy and resource efficiency solutions for business customers. We are focused on areas and solutions where the payback period is less than five years and it is possible to achieve savings of up to 90%.

DeltaE notes the change in energy consumption.

Today, DeltaE is one of the leading companies offering energy and resource efficient complete solutions in Estonia. As a team of nearly thirty top-level engineers, all problems are solved in the following areas.

Predecessor – Hoimame Kokku Grupp

The predecessor of DeltaE Engineering Office, Hoiame Kokku Grupp started operations in 2013. The company started with the idea of two enthusiastic conscripts, according to which the opening electricity market allowed to start a business selling electricity to private customers. Unfortunately, the idea was not successful, but as the concept of energy saving was still very topical, the progress was made specifically in the area of reducing energy consumption.

In the first year, the Hoiame Kokku Grupp focused on four areas – water, monitoring, heating, and lighting. Solutions were offered to private customers only. After the first year, it was discovered that there is a significantly larger market in corporate sector, and this is where our focus was shifted in 2014.

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