ESCO model

With the help of ESCO or Energy Service Company, it is possible to finance the project with the earned savings. The investment is made by DeltaE Engineering Office and the client pays monthly for the investments based on the actual energy saving results – the savings are shared between DeltaE and the client at an agreed rate.*
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Why is the ESCO model useful for the client?

The client does not have self-financing and has no risk. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of energy efficiency measures, DeltaE takes the financial risk and bears all investment costs from its own resources. In this way, we guarantee the effectiveness of savings measures, because the income earned is also a motivation for us.

*The exact terms of the ESCO agreement are the result of a the inspection and analysis by DeltaE engineers.

Sample solution with ESCO model

The ESCO financing model enables to:

  • Implement an energy efficiency solution without the initial high cost
  • Benefit from the solution at the beginning of the period
  • Implement the solution without risk
  • Maintain liquidity of own funds
  • Save energy and money, as well as protect the environment!

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